Welcome. Peerchan.net is an imageboard running the peerchan engine. Peerchan is a fork of jschan that uses Peerbit so that content can be shared directly with other users. Peerchan.net serves pages traditionally over http, but the data available on this site can also be interacted with in a peer-to-peer manner using a client such as peerchan-peer. Check /p2p/ to learn more.
/p2p/ - Peer-to-peerPeer-to-peer technology00081
/test/ - Testing00027
/feedback/ - Feedback00023
/art/ - Art and Creative contentPost art here.00020
/x/ - Paranormal discussion, spiritualtry to keep things sincere were trying to build something here00013
/b/ - Random00013
/chonk/ - ChonkBig things00012
/p/ - Paranormalkeep it real, paranormal discussion, i think we are changing the name were trying to build something0007
/m/ - MadsenMichael Madsen0005
/jp/ - 日本語0002
/test2/ - test20000
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